BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer

Scope Warmer

BLUE KIT Optic Care and Visualization Set, Sterile, 20/bx
REF # 73-000750
Patent Pending

BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer, Sterile, 10/bx
REF# 73-000500

BLUE HEAT BOOST Dual Stage Scope Warmer, Sterile, 12/bx
REF# 73-000550


The new BLUE KIT Optic Care and Visualization Set safely cleans and maintains your optics during laparoscopic and robotic assisted procedures. Complete with microfiber cleaning cloths, absorbent micro-sponge, cleaning swabs for 5 and 10/12mm trocar cannulas and an anti-fog cleaning solution, the BLUE KIT features all the necessary tools to address any visualization issues encountered in the operating room.

BLUE-Flow High-Flow Insufflation Tubing Sets

The BLUE-Flow Series of insufflation tubing is designed for today's high-flow laparoscopic insufflation systems. The tubing is available in a variety of configurations so not tubing adapters are necessary. This lightweight and flexible tubing sets are latex and DEHP free and have a .1 micron high performance filter.


The LAP-LOOP is a cost-effective reusable instrument coupled with a single-use cutting/coagulating loop designed to quickly and safely section the uterine corpus from the cervix leaving a clean, charr-free cervical stump.