Hysteroscopy Instruments

Hysteroscopy Sheath

BLUE ENDO offers a variety of rigid continuous-flow hysteroscopy sheaths for both diagnostic and operative procedures. Optics are available in both 2.9 or 4mm diameters.

R-Series Instruments

The R Series Instrument System features over 100 different tip designs available in both standard and bariatric lengths. This modular system can easily be disassembled for rapid and efficient cleaning.

BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer

Significantly reduce bothersome scope fogging with this innovative easy-to-use self contained optical warming system. Simply place the BLUE HEAT Scope Warmer on to the sterile field and click the activation disk to instantly warm optics to body temperature.


The LAP-LOOP is a cost-effective reusable instrument coupled with a single-use cutting/coagulating loop designed to quickly and safely section the uterine corpus from the cervix leaving a clean, charr-free cervical stump.